Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,  Life & Space Re-design, Victoria BC

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,

Life & Space Re-design, Victoria BC

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,  the soul of  Your Place And You, has a background in General and Environmental Psychology MSC and is a Certified Professional Coach.

She is based in Victoria BC, Canada, but works worldwide too via Skype.

Her view and belief is that our home environment when well designed can nurture and support us. A well thought out design, changes or improvements can transform our space into a personal oasis of peace, joy and creativity.

 "Paying attention to our personal sanctuary, designing and creating it with care, love and thought, will result in a supportive and pleasing home that will better support our lifestyle, wants and needs as well as future goals."

She uses Psychology, Design, as well as Coaching principles and techniques, to help her clients create a space that fits their personality, values, aesthetics as well as functional preferences, one that supports their dreams and goals.

She helps her clients who go through challenging times create a nurturing and supportive personal space and helps them make their new beginnings.


She believes in the benefit of decluttering at the physical, mental and emotional level and focusing on meaningfulness, quality and authenticity. Infusing one's space with love and pleasure. Striking a balance between sterile minimalism and overwhelming maximalism, she is a believer of the old Greek saying: "Everything in good measure".

Psychological 'decluttering' is all about connecting with one's inner self and  leaving behind what no longer serves us and keeps us stuck in repeated negative patterns of behaviour. It is about keeping and developing only the useful and beneficial for our happiness and well being.

Decluttering of both the mind and space allows for reduction of confusion, stress and worry and an increase in clarity, creativity and productivity, peace and satisfaction, hence more happiness and joy.

Once we are clear about what has value for us and what our priorities are, we can better focus on the meaningful with crystal clear intention. We don’t waste time and energy any more and can gain more satisfaction out of life.


Coming from a multicultural background, a combination of Greek, German and Belgian culture, she grew up in Greece and Belgium and studied General and Environmental Psychology in the UK. Her father was an artist and interior architect as well as furniture designer and she grew up in the world or art and design.

After completion of her studies in Environmental Psychology MSC in the UK in 1992, she studied Feng Shui for five years and became a certified Feng Shui Practitioner yet she doesn’t practice Feng Shui as such any more, even though she has incorporated some basic concepts eclectically in her practice. She later on got involved in commercial property development and management, furniture design and up-cycling, fashion and jewelry design. In 2013 she graduated from Erickson College and became a Certified Professional Coach.

After the sudden death of her first husband in 2008, she personally went through the grief and bereavement journey that some of her clients are going through as well. After the first year of her loss, she totally changed and transformed her living space. Living in her new personalized and nurturing environment she found the strength to make a whole new beginning. Her personal experience is what has driven her to want to help others make a new beginning and offer support for the challenging times of change and transition.


Emmanuelle lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and is passionate about raising awareness for the condition. The challenges associated with EDS have made her especially interested in helping people with physical limitations create a home environment that works best for them.

To learn more about EDS you can click HERE



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