YOUR PLACE AND YOU is an Interior Design Psychology Consultancy using Environmental Psychology principles and research. Taking into account user experience, needs and behavior I help my clients create functional and supportive home and work environments so as to achieve a successful interaction of people and their space. I work with individuals, architects designers and contractors. The goal it to help my clients create spaces that are nurturing and supportive that promote and enhance their needs and well-being.

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,  Interior Design Psychology & Personal Coaching, Victoria BC

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,

Interior Design Psychology & Personal Coaching, Victoria BC

Hi! My name is Emmanuelle Stathopoulos, the creator and soul of  ‘Your Place And You’ and am based in Victoria BC, Canada. I have a background in General Psychology BA as well as Environmental Psychology MSC and am also a Certified Professional Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner.

I believe that our home environment when well designed can nurture and support us, enhance our well-being and help us achieve our goals. A well thought out and functional design can transform our space into a personal oasis of peace, joy and creativity.

 "Paying attention to our personal or work space, designing and creating it with attention, love and care, will result in a supportive and pleasing environment that will better support our lifestyle, goals, wants and needs”.

I use Psychology, Design, as well as Coaching principles and techniques, to help create built environments that work well for the people who use them, enhancing end users satisfaction, well-being, creativity and productivity.

I specialize in home interiors, helping my clients create a personal space that is nurturing and supportive, inspiring, healthy and uplifting.

My coaching specialty is in change and transition as well as new beginnings.

Additionally I work with design and building professionals to help them create spaces that increase end users satisfaction and bring about more positive human/place interaction.

Whatever your challenge is, lets have a chat about it! You can contact me HERE



My services are 'A la carte', fully personalized for your individual needs.