In times of change and transition you need your living space to nurture and support you. Promote your well being and help you in your new beginnings. To truly help you, your space needs to answer your needs at every level: functional - aesthetic - emotional.

All too often though we simply can't figure out how to get that done, we need qualified help.


My name is Emmanuelle Stathopoulos. I am a HOME DESIGN PSYCHOLOGY consultant with a background in Environmental Psychology MSC, Interior Design as well as a Certified Professional Personal Coach.


  • Offer you support with the emotional aspects of change and transition that accompany moving homes, downsizing, separation or bereavement

  • Create a nurturing, supportive and inspiring home space for you based on your wants, needs and goals

  • Create a home environment that is healthy, functional, beautiful and harmonious in which you feel happy and content

  • Sort out your belongings or those of your loved ones when moving or selling a house while honoring the cherished memories

  • Help you declutter and organize your space as well as get more clarity in your mind


  • You have been through bereavement, divorce or separation and could do with a change in your home environment

  • You are going through a challenging period of change and transition in your life and need help and support

  • You need to move or downsize and need help to create a nurturing new space for yourself

  • You don't feel happy in your home but don’t know why

  • You know you want to make changes and redesign your home but don't know how to go about it

  • You need a more functional and ergonomic space that supports your specific needs


I was feeling kind of stuck and overwhelmed with the situation in my home. I had no energy to deal with the accumulated clutter and wasn't pleased with neither the layout nor the look of my space. I needed some help to get me started and this is when I met Emmanuelle.

During the initial visit she walked through my home and gave me ideas and solutions for each and every room. She showed me how to better organize my space, proposed ideas for the problem areas, showed me how to improve the circulation flow in my home and what changes to make in the layout and design, and what to pay attention to in order to achieve a peaceful and nurturing home.

During the second visit she helped me make changes in the layout of my living room which greatly improved both the functionality as well as the feel of it. I can now have all my books organized against one wall, engage in my favorite hobbies, have easy access to my piano, and relax and watch TV in a space that feels much more pleasant and peaceful.

From the moment she entered my home, Emmanuelle did not waste a single minute; she got to work right away, diligently and efficiently. She asked me many questions in order to better understand what I wanted from my home and gave me lots of ideas and inspiration to achieve that.

Emmanuelle is very friendly and personable, highly knowledgeable and efficient, and hard-working. She was also immediately available to fix a problem we encountered, and brought supplies.

Thank you Emmanuelle!”

Susanne from Victoria BC, Canada

“I moved continents and was feeling very disconnected to my living situation. I was living as a nomad trying to find a place and decided to contact Emmanuelle at ‘Your Place And You’ - former ‘Inner Dream To Outer Form’ - to see if she could help redesign a space and a life. She quickly realized the basis of my problem which turned out to be a feeling of discomfort and stress caused by the uncertainty of my situation.

After a lengthy discussion, Emmanuelle was able to help me get past the discomfort which then enabled me to move forward, find a permanent home and design this new home in a way that suits my wants and needs and future goals. I cannot recommend Emmanuelle highly enough, she is amazing.”

L.Mo from Minneapolis USA/Australia

“Emmanuelle is one of those professionals who truly cares about her client's welfare and who will go that extra mile to help. She is dependable, trustworthy and non-judgmental - a way to feel safe and at ease in any relationship.”

Andrew Armatas MA., DCH., AFISCP - Greece

“Emmanuelle Stathopoulos (who will always be known as Emma in my mind) is an expert at creating safe, harmonious, and beautiful spaces that nourish the heart and the spirit, so I’m not surprised that this skill carries over into her coaching as well.

Emma’s personable energy and her warm, open, and kind presence creates not only a highly transformative space in which I often made great strides forward during our coaching sessions, but creates a coaching environment in which I found myself being comfortable with sharing as well. Emma, through her powerful questions, creative integration of visualization techniques, and incredible ability to help keep me on track and hold myself accountable for taking action on an important project, has impacted my life greatly!

I feel very confident in saying that Emma is an excellent coach whose services are very effective for supporting anyone during major life change. I am honored to have worked with Emma.”

Kidecia King - Evidence based Coach - USA

“Emmanuelle, in her effusive style of coaching got me from 0-100 in just one session to get me started on one of the projects I had dreaded to embark on for ages. She is very personable and friendly in her approach and yet very professional and effective. Her ability to listen and connect the dots even beyond what is said is amazing and I'm more than happy to sell and recommend her expertise and services far and wide.”

Tim Noxsinz - Business technologies professional - South Africa

“I have been working with Emmanuelle Stathopoulos, since the start of 2013, and she has helped me a lot. She didn’t just help me be more focused, and to discover my goals with more detail, but she helped me change my attitude towards a more positive way of life.
Her love and passion for “Life Coaching”, can been seen in every session and each time she manages to surprise me with her guidance and positive energy. “

Vassilis Asteriadis - Property Management & Real Estate Appraisal - Athens, Greece